About UCAN

Here at UCAN our focus is on finding help for cancer patients in need both locally and nationwide. We help anyone with any type of cancer reguardless of their age anywhere across the country as long as they need help.

When it comes to cancer all to often all the focus is on preventative and research aspects of the disease which is great. But the biggest question is.. Who is helping the patients when they need it most?

The Founder of UCAN knows all to well the struggles faced with having cancer both physically and mentally.

Shane Linville, a two-time cancer fighter knows first hand what it is like to face cancer and all the emtional burdens that can sometimes overwhelme the person. He started UCAN to help those who needed it most, when they need it. Shane and UCAN isn’t another Organization to say “Sorry but we can’t help you”. Instead they help in anyway they can.


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